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Intrusion...Space Coast Protection recognizes that every business, building, home, and family is unique with different security needs. When designing an intrusion(burglar) alarm system, there are hundreds of options to choose from. So when we design an alarm system, we do so with three core objectives in mind: deterrance, detection, and reporting.
It is our goal to convince a potential intruder to search out an easier target. A properly designed security system should contain the visual elements to create the proper amount of deterence.
In the event an intrusion takes place, your alarm system, using an array of magnetic contacts, motion sensors, and/or glass break sensors will detect the intruder and sound an alert siren.
Space Coast Protection's alarm system will report the intruder to our UL Certified Central Monitoring Station, where our trained dispatchers will follow your instructions in the event of alarm activation.

24-Hour Protection...To insure that your home or business is fully protected, Space Coast Protection will always recommend that your system be monitored by our UL Certified Central Monitoring station.

Our monitoring facility is equipped with a state-of-art computer automation system ready to alert us of any event that may arise. Utilizing the latest technology in alarm monitoring systems assures quick and accurate identification of alarms so that no time is wasted in an emergency situation.

All of our operators are SIA certified and on duty 24-hours a day so you can rest assured that in the event of an alarm, a highly trained monitoring professional will be your eyes and ears if your not at home or away from your business.

Insurance Discounts...
Monitoring services provide you and your family with peace of mind knowing that the police and fire departments will be contacted anytime an emergency situation is detected by your system. Your  insurance company may provide discounts for monitored alarm systems, in some cases equaling the cost of the actual monitoring service.

Video Surveillance...
 Advances in CCTV technology are turning video survelliance into one of the most valuable security tools available today. It is an intergal part of a managed security solution for many of our commercial clients, giving them the ability to reduce theft and workplace violence as well protect themselves against fraudulent accident or workman's compensation claims.
CCTV also gives the homeowner the ability to protect their properties and observe them when they are not on site. Residential use of video surveillance is becoming an increasingly popular means to deter theft and vandalism and even monitor what is going on inside the home. With video surveillance, a homeowner can monitor intruders, babysitters, pets, vacation homes, and look in on the elderly living alone at a fraction of the cost of assisted care. 

Access Control...
Businesses can face many challanges regarding facility security. In todays world, the solution to those challanges often demands the use of managed security. Access control is important component to managed security.
Often the most critical areas of concern are: loss prevention, risk management, and business operation. A properly configured access control system can help track and manage personnel movement, control access to sensitive areas, protect assets and inventory, and reduce shrinkage.

Solutions can be as simple as a one door system or as complex as a network of multiple buildings with hundreds of access locations. Whatever challanges you face with your managed security, Space Coast Protection will strive to provie the best solution for your business.

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